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2009年6月19日 星期五

Touch pad chip eKT4306

The eKT4306SO20J is low-cost single chip solution for capacitive touchpad and It has an on-chip2K×13-bit Electrical Flash Memory and 256×8-bit in system programmable EEPROM. This series are 8-bitRISC architecture microcontroller devices with I2C-slave (Normal/Fast Mode) mode.For function application, the eKT4306SO20J support Button information for customers. In datacommunication, BTN and Direct Key mode are provided for customers. Customers can use the BTNmode to get valid button messages to easily develop their system, and they can get button information fromI2C interface and to control relative peripheral component. In Direct key mode, customers can sendinstruction via I2C interface to control the eKT4306SO20J operation mode.The capacitive touchpad sensor is covered with a plastic or glass case. It can auto-calibrate theparameter for a wide range of capacitance on the touchpad sensor (5pF~35pF).The system controller converts finger data to button presses, depending on finger location and humaninterface context.