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2009年6月17日 星期三

Touch pad chip eKT2501

The eKT2501 is low-cost single chip solution for capacitive touchpad. It is 8-bit RISC architecture microcontroller devices with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI-Slave), I2C-slave (Normal Mode).
For function application, the eKT2501 support two group Slider and Button information for customers. In operation mode, eKT2501 only support Protocol for customer.
The capacitive touchpad sensor is covered with a plastic or glass case. It provides auto-calibrate the parameter for a wide range of capacitance on the touchpad sensor (5pF~35pF). The system controller converts finger data to button presses, depending on finger location and human interface context.
The eKT2501 supports multi-package for various application. Package types are QFP(32 pin) and SOP(28/24/16 pin).